"Silent Screams "

For the bright but failing Teens, statistically I hear “Silent Screams.” I just can’t sit here while these babies are obviously crying out to us…to me. Remembering the old adage, “It takes a village to raise a child,” or “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”  Join us as we celebrate teens exceeding academically and the bright but failing Teens alike.  

We feel these Family Teen Educational Summits provide an opportunity for teens and their parents to confront, learn and discuss a variety of teen prevention topics, college/career/health/spiritual info, etc... In addition, teens will be encouraged to "fine tune" and "re-energize" their personal leadership skills by:  

☻Increasing their sense of personal power and self-esteem 

☻Encouraging mutual support within their peer groups 

☻Teaching Teens to setup personal goals and work towards them 

☻Increasing their ability to develop relationships built on trust and cooperation 

☻Develop innovative ways to contribute in their community

Children from wealthier families are often exposed to more enriching activities and often have greater stability within their family lives. Families making less than 200% of the national poverty level are generally recognized as low income.  Education Week examined those living in families above that threshold. In all of the states with the worst school systems the percent of children in families earning incomes above that threshold.

Parents play perhaps the largest role in the development of their children. Just as a higher family income may help increase the advantages for students, well-educated parents also improve a child’s chance for success. I believe patience and love will help our Next Generation Leaders succeed as well... 

                                                           States with Best and Worst Schools & Overall Grades:

California D + ☻South Carolina D +  ☻Louisiana D+ ☻Alabama D+ ☻Idaho D+ ☻Oklahoma D+ ☻ 

New Mexico D+ ☻Nevada D ☻Mississippi D ☻Mississippi​ D ☻Minnesota B- ☻New York B- ☻Pennsylvania B- ☻ Wyoming B- ☻Connecticut B- ☻New Hampshire B- ☻New Jersey B ☻Massachusetts B ☻

☻☻☻Attire: We are asking all attendees to wear Biblical Attire... ☻☻☻