About Tribe of Judea & 12 Tribes of Israel

Christmas 2018, Pastor Marcus D. King of Disciple Central Community Church, (DC3) DeSoto TX asked the congregation to pull names from the Angel Tree located in the church lobby.   The Angel Tree consisted of a list of items to purchase gifts for homeless students located in the DeSoto TX school district.  The minimal was one (1) pull but my heart pulled three (3).  The thought of a homeless youth pierced my heart and I am not comfortable with homeless students.  Hints debut,  Tribe of Judah, 12 Tribes of Israel. 


The goal is to converge with benevolent like minded individuals, businesses, organizations, etc.. to  help Tribe of Judah minimize the homeless youth problem and low performing school districts.  Based on this year’s edition of Quality Counts, released by Education Week, the United States received a score of C for its school systems.  Among states, Massachusetts had the best school systems in the country, with a grade of B, while Mississippi had the worst with a grade of D.  Most schools continue to struggle with wide achievement and funding gaps.  For more details about your school district, please click link below...   If it disturbs you as it does me... then please call. 


Now Hiring...

We challenge you to choose a Tribe also.  God inspired me to choose the Tribe of Judah.  But as you know Jacob had (12) twelve sons.  (In order of birth), Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph and Benjamin.  We challenge like minded benevolent  individuals, businesses, organization to help us by: 

  • Raising a minimal of $375K annually to assist eliminate homeless youth and low performing educational Institutions. 
  • To assist in building (Tiny Homes) for homeless youth.
  • To assist in raising funds to buy school supplies for low performing educational institutions.
  • To assist in locating land to build Tiny Homes for homeless youth and their families. 
  • To assist with after school programs located in economically disadvantages communities.  All after-school programs will consist of STREAM Teachers... Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art and Mathematics....  

Example: Tribe of Judah has chosen the DeSoto TX School District to support... We are raise funds to build homes for homeless youth, hosting empowerment leadership summits and assisting with school supplies for poor performing schools.  We invite you to choose a  Tribe, a School District to support and host annual Youth Leadership Summits as well.  

California D + ☻South Carolina D + ☻Louisiana D+ ☻Alabama D+ ☻Idaho D+ ☻Oklahoma D+ ☻

New Mexico D+ ☻Nevada D ☻Mississippi D ☻Mississippi​ D ☻Minnesota B- ☻New York B- ☻Pennsylvania B- ☻ Wyoming B- ☻Connecticut B- ☻New Hampshire B- ☻New Jersey B ☻Massachusetts B ☻

We invite you to choose a Tribe... help us eliminate homelessness youth and low performing schools in your School District.